We believe connecting company to cause is one of the most important things you can do. Whether you are a social enterprise where ROI is obtained while creating businesses that do good, or you are a business that gives back becaue you want to do good. Either way, connecting your company to a cause is one of our central themes.

In addition, we  are a full-service outsourced marketing agency. Our core mission is to generate real results for our clients using relevant practices, core sense and developing workable solutions to your marketing challenges. 

We pride ourselves in using unique approaches to marketing with a passion for  infusing  and connecting company  to cause to create impact along the way. This  gives your brand a better story to tell, gives back and engages  employees and customers along the way.

We drive hard, play hard, believe in loyalty, trust, flexibility, honesty, getting results and creating impact.


What you gain by working with us ...

Intelligent Solutions


We are a  highly tenured team, led by Francey Marzicola, founder and CEO of Full Spectrum Marketing and offer innovative  strategy  executed with experience to grow your brand. 

She specializes in the ability to deconstruct your current marketing practices and reconstruct to get results using C-suite tactics.

She has experience in multiple industries both nationally and internationally including Fortune 500 companies. 

The love of what we do drives us to help start-ups, non-profits, impact ventures, established companies, private schools and those who want to see growth.

Francey holds a Master's degree from the USC Marshall School of Business.

She studied at UCLA in the area of Public Relations and Non-Profit Management and has held many non-profit Board of Director seats.

Out-Sourced Projects


Business owners often see marketing  as frustrating and tend to  solve this problem by doing everything they can think of, like throwing spaghetti against the wall and seeing what sticks. Thats a big marketing over-spend.

We use a strategic approach to solving your biggest challenges using core sense. Our aim is to demystify the marketing process and provide solutions that produce results by creating, developing and executing:

  • Planning/strategy
  • Coaching
  • Brand development
  • Key target identification
  • Website content
  • SEO
  • Digital media mgt.
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Launches
  • Speech & PowerPoint decks development
  • Public speaking coaching
  • Community engagement
  • Event planning & mgt.
  • PR
  • CSR development



View us as your marketing partner. 

We work with you by the hour, by project or ongoing monthly retainer.

We help your company grow and resolve your biggest marketing challenges.

We are located in the greater Los Angeles area but work anywhere.

We  have completed projects with international companies, non-profits, local business owners and start-up entrepreneurs with new ventures in a multitude of industries. 

We do what we do, because we love it.  

Increase business bandwidth



1:1 Coaching | Execution


Strategy | Branding


Website | SEO | Digital



Event Planning | Mgt.





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Francey & Full Spectrum Marketing deliver high-level consulting, management & execution packages.

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Francey is available for speaking engagements and to serve a as a marketing expert for podcasts, print, video, TV content and interviews.